My Story

I have lived here since December 2000 but for the most part my family keeps to ourselves. My wife and I have done our best to maintain our property, pay our bills, and raise our children. I never gave much thought to the community I lived in and was content to pay my monthly Home Owners’ Association (HOA) dues and comply with any notices sent my way to pressure clean my roof, trim my bushes, etc. I decided to get more involved in the business of the neighborhood in early 2019 after the ficus bushes were removed and began to attend the monthly HOA meetings. I found a small group of dedicated individuals doing their best to manage our community with very little feedback from the majority of our Residents. In time I was appointed to the Board of Directors and resolved myself to figure out better ways to solicit feedback on the communal importance of various issues.

What’s Your Story?

Through future blog posts, readers of this site will come to understand my position on some key issues affecting our community. I also hope to use contact information obtained here to enable various forms of electronic outreach. These may take the form of email newsletters, online surveys, conference calls, or even virtual meetings. Register with your contact information and let’s start a conversation…